Laboratory Glass Flask

Glass Industry

Jencons Glass Industries was established in the year 1964, under the guidance of our mentor, Mr. Ajay K. Vohra. His profound experience and knowledge have assisted us in achieving specialization in the manufacturing of Chemistry Glassware. Due to his industrious efforts, we are able to stand among the reliable Suppliers in India of Lab , Laboratory Glass Flask, glass beakers etc.


We have invested considerable amount of capital in developing a sound infrastructural base. Our robust infrastructural base is well equipped with advanced technology machines and equipments. To keep pace with the advancement in technology, we continually upgrade the production machines.


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Laboratory Glassware Quality

We are a quality centric organization, thus all our endeavors lead to offer unmatched quality lab glassware. To assure the quality, we conduct stringent quality tests at every level of production starting from the initial stage to the final delivery. Our experienced quality control executives keep a strict vigil on the production process to assure the development of impeccable lab glassware.