Laboratory Glassware
Jencons Glass Industries provides Laboratory Glassware products such as Glass Beaker, Glass Flask, Glass Condensers, Glass Tube, Glass Test Tube etc. This is specially manufactured for educational purpose in the laboratory of schools and college glassware is relatively inert, standard heat-resistant for temperature, transparent enough to see through and easy to handle. Jencons take utmost care in calibration of this Chemistry Laboratory Glassware or otherwise it would change the results and the chemicals would be wasted unnecessarily. The type of glass used in this is dependent on the application.
Jencons have a special category of these products for private institutes and scientific laboratories. In any Scientific Laboratory the most important part is the Quality of Laboratory Glassware. The borosilicate glass used to manufacture our Laboratory Glassware has a low coefficient of expansion. Thus this is for resistance to heat, and a very high resistance to chemical attack.

Laboratory Glassware

Jencons has more than 2500 Laboratory Glassware products which are available ex-stock which are regularly required by the Laboratory of Schools, Colleges and Private Scientific as well as Chemical Laboratories.

Jencons Laboratory Glassware are very carefully packed in sturdy corrugated boxes to ensure that each Laboratory Glassware reach safe and intact to the Chemical Laboratories, Scientific Laboratories and Laboratories of different Schools and colleges without any damage.

Its a pleasure to introduce ourselves as a Preferred Manufacturer and a Leading Supplier of Laboratory Glassware and such as Glass Beaker, Glass Tube, Glass Flask, Glass Condensers etc. with wide range as per customer requirement and also with best quality. As a leader in this field - our Laboratory Glassware are affordable.